I finally have my house to myself for a bit. May sister and her family are visiting from Oregon and since it has been a year since I’ve last seen her, and who knows how long til I see her again, I’m trying to get in as much quality time as I can. As today is Mexico Monday and I’m not going I have a few moments to regroup. (Nothing wrong with Mexico, I just don’t have the passport option and big crowds and I aren’t the best mix)

So here I was enjoying my morning all snug under the covers when my eldest son tells me to get up and make him breakfast. I told him there was cireal and he was welcome to help himself. I’m guessing he did that because there have been no crashes or other indications that a disaster has befallen my kitchen. However I feel a bit guilty and that I really should venture forth from the warm cocoon that is my current happy place.

I wish everyone their warm happy place today and also that no one shall guilt trip you I to leaving it.


Fyi … Though it is usually warm in the Sonoran desert ( +110 in summer), it does get cold in winter since there is no sun to warm the ground and we have no humidity to hold warm in the air. At 10am, right now, it is 42F. High yesterday was 54 so yay desert temps.

I don’t know why I even feel the need to stipulate F over C. I’m in U.S. and for some reason we can’t catch up to the rest of the global populace.


And happy New year.


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