The christmas tree may kill us.

I’m lazy. I own this and admit it, learned it from grandma. If it is a short cut that allows more fun time with family, it is ok. Do it and don’t feel guilty.

Four years ago I got us a little 4′ tree. It is white, plastic, has the lights already in it. pretty much a plug the thing in, move the branches so there is a semblance of tree quality about it, plug it in and hang stuff in it. Easy.

This year half the tree lights wont work. As you can imagine this makes me more sad than anyone else because it falls to me to choose the replacement.

Oh joy. Of there is anything I love to do more than shop, it is shop in December.(I’m not so good with crowds.)

Eric (the other adult in my house whose name may be changed to protect his identity) decided if another cheesy white tree isn’t available he would rather have a flocked tree than a plain green one.

So I got one, because I love my spouse.    Mesothelioma comes to mind. Yes I’m taking it back. I’d rather have a real tree and feel guilty all season than this cancer causing agent. Or even just suffer through this year with our pathetic old white tree limping it’s way through one last holiday season. I could order one online in January, probably in sale too.

Obviously the asbestos tree is going back. I feel bad for the tree and hope it finds a home where the adults won’t be paranoid that they are poisoning their family, or maybe this is what they intend all along I can’t judge.

I hope your holiday decorating goes smoother and less cancery than mine may have been. more flocked trees…..ever.


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